About PhiloChat


PhiloChat an informal, conversational style learning aid from the minds of lifelong friends and philosophy enthusiasts – Rob Mayzes and Alfie Killick

“No one should postpone the study of philosophy while he is young, nor should he weary of it when he becomes mature, because the search for mental health is never untimely or out of season.” – Epicurus

After several years of independently reading and studying philosophy it became apparent that this was not enough; in order to learn properly we felt there must be interlocutors or discussion partners in order to engage in meaningful dialogue.

Basically, a group of people to bounce around ideas with.

After noticing that several friends of ours were also partially interested in the subject matter we decided to begin Philocafé – an informal meet up of like minded individuals who get together and discuss various philosophers throughout history and their ideas.

The success of this group led to the formation of the show you are currently listening to. PhiloChat is a project made by two members of said group.

We wish to contribute what we have learned to a wider audience. To create a stronger, larger community of learners, to empower people to begin the journey of a deeper understanding of reality and to engage others in more meaningful dialogue about the world around them.

Although neither of us are formally educated in philosophy, we are not amateurs or beginners; with this being said, our aim is to keep this light and inclusive for anyone who has never made that first step into the intimidating world of philosophy.

Through this show we also wish to develop our own knowledge of philosophy. By performing extensive research and relaying this information we intend to deepen our understanding alongside our listeners.

To keep this project as inclusive as possible, the majority of content we produce will be free; in order to do this successfully we do require some degree of patronage on the part of our listeners. We are against the commodification and saturation of knowledge for profit or consumption and wish to maintain a high degree of integrity and quality when producing the show.

To make this possible we hope that anyone who enjoys PhiloChat offers any contribution they can. As long as we have listeners who are supportive we will continue to produce the show to the best of our ability.

If you enjoy the pursuit of knowledge as much as we do, we hope that you can spare something in order to continue this endeavor, safe in the knowledge that your contribution does not support or advocate any structurally oppressive or violent institution’s or any multinational monopoly or the destruction of our home planet or even the greed of an individual…

…but rather a genuine attempt to aid learning, community building, free association, open source material, improvement, self-education, self-discovery and wisdom.

We will try to remain un-biased and objective in our initial presentation of the ideas that we cover, and hope to do a charitable reading of anyone we undertake (however unconvincing their arguments seem to be at the time), reserving our own reflections, reservations and feelings for the end of the show.

We hope you enjoy!